About the Ozone Technology

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What is ozone?

Koncept fotó az ózonról

Ozone (O3) is commonly used as an "activated oxygen". It contains a 3rd oxygen atom unlike the air we breathe in which has 2 oxygen atoms. Ozone has the second most efficient sterilization effect therefore it`s widely and effectively used against bacteria, viruses and permanent removal processes of undesired smells. Ozone can be found in Mother Nature and is often produced when lightening occurs. The result is the after storm "fresh rain smell" which is a present from Mother Nature. We most often hear about the ozone layer around the earth because this is the layer that gives us the needed shelter from the sun`s dangerous ultraviolet rays.

How does the ozone effect working?

The ozone effect is powerful but short. When viruses, bacteria and odor particles come in contact with the ozone atom, they will be totally destroyed (oxidized) in the process. The life of the produced ozone atom is short - approximately 15-20 minutes, after that, nothing will remain of it, no odors, bacteria, extra atoms – only oxygen. The produced ozone atom will reconvert to oxygen. When ozone is in use, we do not need any chemicals, nor require any human help or supervision. The ozone simply leaves the pleasant "after rain smell"!

Where is the use of an ozone generator needed?

Konditerem öltözője

Our design and quality is for commercial use however the machines can be used in any home environment.

The ozone generator will permanently remove stubborn smells and odors and reinstate the hygiene levels in:

  • Offices and various commercial spaces
  • Automobile interiors
  • Medical and veterinarian offices
  • Homes and rented spaces
  • Pet areas
  • Fire, water, flood damaged areas
  • Mildew, stale air
  • Fruits, foods disinfection
  • Restaurants, hotels, bars
  • Fitness, wellness centers
  • Real estate for sell, rental spaces
  • Commercial cleaning businesses
  • Car A/C disinfection
  • Car A/C odor removal
  • Fire smoke removal
  • Professional cleaning tool
  • Water hygiene treatment

The use of ozone generators in our daily life are endless. Odors are always present. The produced ozone will effectively terminate these undesired elements in the area it`s being used.

Real Estate Selling-Renting

Be sure that the property you are selling or renting doesn`t have undesired (pet, tobacco, mildew) odors! You can have the most charmingly furnished place but if it has an undesired odor, even the seriously interested customer will walk away. All your efforts and expenses you have spent will be a loss because of the smell problem! Don`t forget our home is our mirror of us! The nice smelling home enhances your personal image, so is the buyer will be inspired by both.

Automobile Interiors

The use of the ozone generator will not leave any markings and without. Human interaction will effectively remove any undesired smells from the upholstery and other surfaces and delivers a pristine disinfected interior.

Car Air conditioning System

(Dealers, Car Service Centers, Body-Shops Detail-Shops)

Bad smelling car? Bad smelling air with the A/C is on? Cigarette, cigar or pet odors need to be removed?

Simply, this is the ultimate combo machine to solve this problem! The built in double features of the HC Combo models will serve to reinstate the required general cabin and Heat-A/C system hygiene level. Switch to the "Air" ozone generator segment and start the ozone producing process. This treatment usually takes only a short 15minutes.

Persisting bad smell with the A/C on or just want to be sure the cold/warm air ventilation tubes are properly disinfected? Switch the unit in "Water" position and feed the thin tube through the air register grill opening and turn the ozone machine on. This treatment usually takes only 5-10 minutes per tube.

Water Hygiene Treatment

The worldwide use of ozone to treat city water is a well-known fact. Do you want to be sure the water you drink is totally free of any bacterial danger? The Mobil HC unit will disinfect 4 liter water in a short 15 minutes!

Ozone in the water will destroy with 99.9% efficiency: E-coli, Staphylococcus, Areus Fecal Streptococci, Salmonella Choleraesuis, Staphylococcus Aureua, Bacillus Subtillis, Aspergillus Niger, Bacillus Antracis

Ozone treated water does not have any type of odor or taste.

Fruits, salads hygiene treatment

Put the fruit, salad to be hygiene treated in a bowl holding 3-4 liter water. Cleaning time is only 10-15 minutes. If you would want to disinfect meet products, first treat the water with ozone for 10-15 minutes than submerged the meat 1x or 2x in the ozone treated water and pat it dry with paper towel. It is that simple.

Hotels, Motels, Inns

The Ozone generator will help you maintain smoke and odor free rooms, without having to remove and wash curtains or using scent sprays to mask existing room odors. The use of the ozone generator will reduce your operating expenses and lengthen the reconditioning intervals.

Restaurants, Bars

The ozone generator will refresh the air in inadequately ventilated areas and removes any undesired food, smoke or stale odors, leaving pleasantly smelling, refreshed air.

Water and food hygiene

Penészes citrom

The USA has recently approved the use of ozone treatments for food products. The use of ozone for egg hygiene (against salmonella) is widely accepted in Europe.

Ozone can increase the life expectancy of fruits and vegetables (changed the order because it's commonly used) and reduces the early loss of meat and fish products. Flower producers commonly use ozone to stretch the life of cut flowers.

Wellness, Fitness

Undesired odors are common in places where workouts are performed. The use of ozone will 100% remove them, not just cover them up. The ozone generator can be turned on at night and come morning, the arriving members will enjoy the refreshed air quality.


The removal of urine smell of after pets (particularly cats) can be a real challenge in any home, kennels or veterinarian offices.

The ozone "shock" treatment is an? Missing a word here? First, all pets have to be removed so the effective process to remove even old odors and improve the inside air quality from any area can take place. Periodic ozone treatments against fungus and bacteria is useful in areas where pets are while providing a healthy environments for human


Our Mobil- H 3 and H 6 ozone generators can help any small farms to minimize the dangerous bacteria and, viruses in the air and surfaces. It will destroy pathogens or infection causing bacteria and spores in the breeding areas. The generators are especially useful in chicken and pig (hog) farms.

At Home

Szőnyegen játszó gyermek

We recommend the hygiene power of ozone generators for families with small children. The power of ozone will destroy the imbedded bacteria, viruses, allergens and fungus in upholstery covers, carpets without having to use any additional chemicals.

General Hygiene Treatment

When we get sick, we stay longer in our rooms and home thus providing a higher probability of infecting our environment. The ozone shock treatment can put anyone`s hygiene worries at ease. Choosing the right size of Mobil Ozone Generators and using the correct amount of time for the treatment, you will be rest assured that the area will be totally deodorized (including urine smell) and disinfected.